The Client

Every so often, a new product or design comes along that changes and improves the world. We believe the X1 does precisely that. We are not building a boat with an interesting design. We are interested in changing the way boats are designed. With no compromises. With no respect for the status quo. Revolutionary and exceptional.

The Brief

Lurssen partnered with us to increase their innovative image and confort their position as an industry leader.

When John Ordovas contacted me with some drawings of a 64′ Trimaran I was intrigued. When he told me that he had assembled a small group of workers, found a production facility in Alicante, and started to BUILD the yacht my intrigue turned to an overwhelming curiosity. This is a really unique opportunity to follow the construction of a challenging yacht and also to see the development of a new brand in the yachting industry.

An update on the build of that amazing yacht!

Lürssen is well known for producing many of the world’s largest luxury yachts, but behind the scenes of this huge company serious research and development is under way to ensure that the yachting industry strives to become more sustainable.
“Tesumo” is the result of 10 years of such research, and is an excellent alternative to teak, so that the precious and dwindling resource of the teak tree can be protected.

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